Panasonic KX-TEB 308

Panasonic KX-TEB308 Advanced Hybrid PBX System supports all your personal and business communication needs. This system provides features that can satisfy the demands of the most sophisticated and cost conscious Customers. You can connect a variety of communication devices, such as cordless phones, answering machines, computer modems, credit card verifiers, fax machines, and any other device that works with conventional telephone lines.

The Feature Rich Panasonic KX-TEB308 EPABX is ideal for a small business or home office requiring a flexible system with a high degree of sophistication.

KX-TEB 308

Ideal for small businesses or home offices

The KXTEA308E Advanced Hybrid PBX System can cost effectively support all your personal and business communication needs. The system comes supplied with 3 lines and 8 extensions.

Caller ID
The system is compatible with Caller ID service (optional) which allows a user to see the caller’s information before they answer a call, for better call management.

Voice Messaging
Enjoy the business benefits and efficiency of using voice messaging without adding a separate voicemail system. The optional voice message card ensures you never miss an important call – giving your customers the option to leave a message when you are not available.

The KXTEA308E supports Direct Inward System Access (DISA) functions (optional) that allows outside callers to access any extension without going through an operator. Automatic greeting messages can be recorded by the operator or manger directing the caller to the appropriate destination or department. The DISA feature can drastically reduce the amount of call traffic handled by the operator to spend more time with new or important customers.

This system is compatible with the KXT7700 series range of analogue handsets.